It’s War: NRM Mobilisers Full Figure, Balaam Feud Over Shs6Bn Museveni Money

It’s War: NRM Mobilisers Full Figure, Balaam Feud Over Shs6Bn Museveni Money

By Mable Nakibuuka

There is a bitter feud raging on between National Resistance Movement (NRM) mobilisers Jennifer Nakanguubi aka Full Figure and  events promoter Balaam Barugahara.

According to our Moles within the NRM camp, Full Figure and Balaam are feuding over a whooping Shs6Bn, which was allegedly released last week by  State House, to facilitate President Yoweri Museveni’s triumphant entry into Kampala all the way from his home in Rwakitura.

Museveni drove from Rwakitura in Kiruhura District  to Kampala and along the way he made several stopovers in major towns to greet his supporters.

According to Full Figure, Balaam and his group organized Museveni’s journey all the way from Rwakitura to Kampala, which purportedly cost the tax payers Shs6Bn in logistics and preparations.

What hurts Full Figure and others however is that whereas they expected a cut from the Shs6Bn, they got shocked  on learning that Balaam and his cronies had allegedly pocketed all the dime.

She thus went on rampage  hurling all sorts of vile words  at Balaam, accusing him of being greedy and sideling all other people whenever it comes to money.

However, Balaam has since trashed Full Figure’s accusations, refuting allegations that he received money  to facilitate Museveni’s journey from Rwakitura to Kampala.

“Please tell Full Figure that I did not receive any money to organize president Museveni’s journey. This was a  function  that was organized by supporters of president Museveni. It was not financed by State House but by well-wishers of NRM. For us we are supporters, not mobilisers,” Balaam said.

He added that; “People will laugh at you when you say Balaam took Shs6Bn to organize President Museveni’s journey. And by the way, it is not a crime that some people were not invited to the function. They are not like soda which is supposed to be served at every function!

Balaam, who also faulted Full Figure for ridiculing  him because of his trademark orange striped T-shirt, also revealed that Full Figure should be patient and wait for her turn to be sorted.

“The last time we met President Museveni at State House, he promised to sort all of us. Everyone was asked to tell the president what they wanted in return for the great work they have done for the NRM during the campaigns. Whoever tabled their demands before the president will be sorted so people like Full Figure should be patient because their turn is coming soon. All she wants is attention!”



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