It’s War: Trade Ministry PS Ssali, Newlywed Stanbic Boss Juuko In Bitter Clash

It’s War: Trade Ministry PS Ssali, Newlywed Stanbic Boss Juuko In Bitter Clash

By Our Reporter

If reports reaching us are anything to go by, then we are likely to witness a mother of all battles in the corporate world as two powerful women battle in a vicious supremacy war.

Word on the grapevine indicates that there is a secret clash going in involving two powerful corporate ladies who are bickering over a sensitive issue that they don’t want to go in the public glare.
Nabagereka Sylvia Nagginda graced Anne Juuko and Apollo Makubuya’s wedding

Moles reveal that Geraldine Ssali, the Permanent Secretary ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives, is involved in  secret beef with newlywed Stanbic Bank Chief Executive Officer  (CEO) Anne  Juuko, who recently got married to lawyer Nelson Apollo Nsibambi.

Moles reveal that Ssali and Juuko’s fight might cause a big damage to the respective institutions they are working for.

The two powerful corporate women are clashing following a secret decision that was set by one of their longtime friends which left Ssali in pain and at the same time the loser in the whole saga.

Newlywed Anne Juuko is not on good terms with P.S Geraldine Ssali

We hear the friend to both the two women made a tricky decision and sided with Juuko, something that left Ssali in regretting and never to recover from the emotional discomfort.

Moles intimates that last weekend as Juuko was walking down the aisle with Makubuya, Ssali was in a sombre mood with lots of regrets.

The Mole intimates that Ssali, who is a staunch Catholic, has been conducting Novena prayers to overcome the hard time and betrayal she is undergoing, which were all caused by the Stanbic Bank boss.

According to Moles, Ssali will only be calmed down by her baby daddy Victor Francis Busulwa because she is inconsolable.

But if that is not the case, Juuko is likely to face her full wrath in future, because Ssali doesn’t believe in the analogy of forgiving and forgetting, according to pals.

Insiders say that Ssali gets more angry in case of lies, especially when one pretends to think that they are too smart to get away with it, probably to undermine her capabilities and intellectual capacity.

It is not yet clear whether Ssali is planning anything against Juuko in their secret battle but at the end of the day we shall keep you posted about anything they will be involved in.

Trade Ministry P.S Geraldine Ssali who is beefing with Anne Juuko

It should be noted that Juuko is a high-profile corporate figure who replaced Patrick Mweheire, as CEO of Stanbic Bank Uganda and became the first female Ugandan to serve in that position.

On the other hand, Ssali serves as the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives.  She was appointed to that position on the 15th July 2021.

Before that, she served as the Deputy Managing Director of the  National  Social  Security  Fund (NSSF Uganda) from 20 March 2011, until 29 October 2017.

Ssali sits on several boards including that of Uganda Revenue Authority, Uganda Development Corporation, Housing Finance Bank and Ngetta Tropical holdings limited.

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