‘I’ve Become Poor Because Of NRM’- Kusasira Curses Day She Joined M7 Party

‘I’ve Become Poor Because Of NRM’- Kusasira Curses Day She Joined M7 Party

By Ivan Mwine

Presidential adviser on artistes’ affairs singer Catherine Kusasira is cursing the day she joined President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s National Resistance Movement (NRM) party.

Kusasira, who has until recently been a staunch a NRM supporter  and was one of Museveni’s chief mobilisers in the past presidential elections, is regretting why she ever worked with the Party, which she says has greatly impoverished her.

Catherine Kusasira with Charles Orom aka Sipapa and other NRM bigwigs before she fell out with the party

The singer made the shocking revelation in a long statement she posted on Facebook page on Sunday, stating thus;

“I have lost everything because of my party NRM,,there is alot of unfairness in NRM as a party..you work hard and be committed to everything in the party for the betterment but never to be appreciated..I really sacrificed alot during the last campaigns where I even went for bank loans and started projects as a way of motivating the youths as a tactic of fighting the pressure group that had arose(NUP).Why NRM..I have lost alot because of you.. business.. friends and fans bkoz of choosing you as my party…

Kusasira with President Yoweri Kaguta Musveni some timem back

I thought president MUSEVENI was the commandant and his was always respected by his representatives but then it’s vise versa bkoz for whoever he directs to perform they do the opposite..I have never been rewarded and appreciated for the strength  and commitment I showed during that time..but instead lost everything I had before..lwaki NRM you such a disgrace to me and to us who sacrificed everything bkoz of you.. ..president MUSEVENI bangi sibaano.. those you trust wil be the lead in your downfall..”

Commenting about the video that went viral in which she was seen in her car with a huge pile of cash as she campaigned for Museveni, the singer said;


 I did it because I love my party so it was for swagger this is dotcom generation in fact I used that money to buy welding machines that I distributed to  youth from different parts of our country this intended to have a good image of our Government to our youth who were being driven to bad acts by selfish minded people during election period whoever is using this propaganda is not real, the car the mafia usually  talk about  it was a gift from the president,

I know mafia must come back with such videos to tint the message with in my recent post (kisajjagwe ne Nekikazi gwe) yo the real first enemies of NRM in fact yo the real enemies to my family and the orphans I take care of I will not keep silent to the propaganda being accelerated by the idiotic Mafia so I assure you that I won’t keep quite see my properties go like that. Well, the  time of filing this article the NRM Secretariat had not yet issued an official statement about Kusasira’s allegations and ranting.”


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