‘I’ve Survived Three Attempts On My Life’- Lawyer Tabaro

‘I’ve Survived Three Attempts On My Life’- Lawyer Tabaro


By Kwame Ismail Nkurunziza

Have extremist elements linked to Rwandan government attempted to eliminate a prominent Kampala lawyer several times in the last five years?
That is some of what a prominent social media personality who goes by the name Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere posted on his Facebook page on Sunday evening.

Gakwerere, who is known to post what some people might see as wild rumours, shared a feel good YouTube link of Edgar Tabaro and his wife Mugenzi Katia discussing their love story and captioned it with the words “Bino bye biluma abayaye ba Dan Munyuza. Counsel Edgar Tabaro and his wife in good times. Don’t forget, Counsel Edgar Tabaro has been in criminal Paul Kagame’s blacklist since 2015 to present, and he is not blacklisted in any normal list, his in A class. To be eliminated at any opportunity or cost”.


It should be noted that Dan Munyuza is a high profile Rwandan military officer.
Two hours later Tabaro, a regular Facebook user, left a comment on Gakwerere’s page confirming what the blogger posted earlier.

In his words he revealed there have been 3 attempts on his life and added that if he lives long enough he will write a story about it in vivid detail.
That quickly raised eyebrows with worried Edgar’s followers and Facebook friends leaving sympathetic comments under his comment.

The post on Patrick Fati Gakwerere's Facebook page that was later confirmed by Edgar Tabaro
The post on Patrick Fati Gakwerere’s Facebook page that was later confirmed by Edgar Tabaro

An observer told ExposedUganda.com that the former UCU law lecturer who counts bold Rwandan government critics like Sula Nuwamanya, Prossy Bonabaana and Dr Rukundo Rugari as his Facebook, friends is hated by the regime in Kigali simply because he has offered legal services to some Rwandan dissidents a few times.
And to add salt to injury once in a while he subtly attacks the Rwandan president on social media, something extremist elements linked to the regime in Kigali find unacceptable considering the well-connected lawyer’s influence.

Edgar Tabaro confirmed that there have been attempts on his life
Tabaro’s sympathisers sent him comforting messages encouraging him to remain strong

Tabaro, who is the son of the highly respected Kisoro based retired Justice Patrick Tabaro and calls regional leaders like the current president of Burundi Evariste Ndayishimiye a ‘personal friend’, has in the past been encouraged by concerned sympathizers to leave Uganda and go to a more secure country but the lawyer says that much as he appreciates people’s concerns about his life, at the end of the day it’s God who has a final say.
A Mole who has visited the towering lawyer a few times told ExposedUganda that Tabaro, a staunch fan of gospel music and University of Witwatersland graduate, might not have visible bodyguards but he is probably one of the most well protected civilians in Kampala.


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