Jamaican Reggae Star Turbulence To Perform Live In Kampala

Jamaican Reggae Star Turbulence To Perform Live In Kampala

By Ivan Mwine

Celebrated Jamaican reggae and dancehall star Turbulence will perform live at the Yard 1 Fest on Saturday March 12th, 2022 at the Uganda Museum, we have ably confirmed.

The artist, whose real name is Sheldon Ryan Augustus Campbell, is known for hit songs like ‘Real Warrior’, ‘For Me’, ‘Love Can Make’, ‘Rasta Forever’, ‘As Sure As The Sunshine’, ‘What Is Words’ and many more and is expected in Kampala on Tuesday 8th March.

According to the organisers, One Time Marketing Group Uganda and Yard One Promote Jamaica, the artiste will be in Uganda accompanied by the Lion Story Band as part of the One Reggae Music Ah Play tour the group is making around Africa.

After his first performance is in Kenya on the 5th March he will head to Uganda to perform in Kampala on March 12th, after which he will perform in Malawi on March 18th and end the tour in South Africa on March 26th.

The show, sponsored by Pilsner Lager, will feature Ugandan legends like Vampino, Shanks Vivi Dee and Henry Tigan, as well as a lineup of talented new generation artistes like Lady Slyke, Sera Marley, Kunta Dukeplay and many more.

Lovers of reggae music will be very well catered for as there will also be reggae sets played by some of Uganda’s biggest reggae DJs including members of the original Ras Clan like Ras Brown and DJ Nesta.

Speaking about the event, Edgar Kihumuro, the Pilsner Lager Brand Manager, said; “Pilsner Lager is the King’s beer and a brand that acknowledges the greatness of every single Ugandan. This is why we are seeking to build deeper connections with our consumers through reggae music, a genre of music that highlights the greatness that lies in all people of African descent.”

In addition to the music, there will be poetry and teachings of the Rasta language and culture from Uganda’s Rasta Elders.

There will also be a special talent exhibition, featuring Ugandan acrobats, painters, crafters, dreadlock salons and an exclusive experience curated by Sir Latif Madoi, the Afro-fashion magician and his Latif School of Fashion.

Gates will be open starting at midday and tickets to the show go for 25k for ordinary; 50k for VIP and 250K for a table of 4 and can be got either online through https://www.quicket.co.ug/events/168825-yard-1-fest/#/ or at the entrance.

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