Jealous Lover Clobbers Slay Queen Mama Kipoli, Bites Off Her Cheek

Jealous Lover Clobbers Slay Queen Mama Kipoli, Bites Off Her Cheek


By Our Reporter

Popular city slay queen Mama  Kipoli real names Diana Teopista Achan is nursing wounds after being clobbered by her lover who is currently on the run, after he  chewed a piece off her cheek.

Achan,  who is a budding businesswoman dealing in G-nut paste, was beaten to pulp by her yet to identified lover, before he fled into hiding.

Shortly after being clobbered, Mama Kipoli, who was bleeding profusely, rushed to Banda Police post, where she reported a case of assault vide file number SD REF:02/23/09/2020.

She told the cops that it is a case of assault, whereby her ex-lover followed her to her parents’ home in Banda where he viciously clobbered her.

Diana Achan’s case reference number

However, our Moles in Banda intimate that Achan’s lover some time back suspected her of juggling him with other men  and they later split but they have been having an on and off fling until a few days ago when they failed to agree over their bedroom matters and  ended up in a vicious sex war that left her face badly damaged after he reportedly bit her cheek

Shortly after reporting the matter to police, Achan was rushed to a nearby clinic in Banda where medics stitched up her partly chewed cheek and shattered face.

Achan became popularly known as Mama Kipoli after she decided to test her entrepreneurial skills instead of looking for jobs like  most graduates do.

Diana Achan aka Mama Kipoli after being stitched up

So instead of applying for jobs likemost graduates, she started a small business dealing in G-nut paste (Kipoli), which earned her the name ‘Mama Kipoli’ and good money.

She has since expanded her business to selling pounded G.nuts for sauce, roasted G.nuts and all by-products of groundnuts, a venture that is generating enough income for her to the extent that she does not need to look for employment in any office since she is already self-employed.

It should be noted that domestic violence against women in Uganda has more than doubled this year and in some areas tripled during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Actually, the ministry of gender, labor and social development a few months ago issued a stern warning to perpetrators of domestic violence against women and children during the COVID-19 period.

Achan tweeted pictures of the man who assaulted her

Frank Tumwebaze, the minister of gender, labor and social development told the media that there has been an increase in gender-based violence (GBV) during lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“Some of these cases have already claimed lives of Ugandans even before COVID-19 does so,” Tumwebaze said, noting that between March 30 and April 28, a total of 3,280 cases of GBV were reported to police.

This is in addition to 283 cases of Violence Against Children, according to the ministry.

Tumwebaze said those found guilty would face the law.

“These acts of violence degrade the dignity of humanity and are therefore unacceptable. The perpetrators of this vice must be dealt with decisively and in a timely manner in accordance with the law,” the minister said. He urged law enforcement agencies like the police to act tough against GBV.

Achan pleaded with AIGP Asan Kasingye to have the goon arrested

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