Jeff Kiwa Cited In Another Goodlyfe-Like Property Wrangle With Singer Kabako

Jeff Kiwa Cited In Another Goodlyfe-Like Property Wrangle With Singer Kabako

By Ivan Mwine

Team No Sleep (TNS) group manager Jeff Kiwanuka, who is popularly known as Jeff Kiwa, is involved in a bitter land wrangle,  similar to the property battle he fought with the Goodlyfe boys over their Makindye based Neverland mansion.

This particular land wrangle rotates around a plot of land in Busabala, which Jeff Kiwa reportedly sold to singer Yusuf Ssenabulya aka Roden Y Kabako, a TNS member, but now a city businesswoman claims ownership of the same land.

Kabako claims to have bought the land in 2017 from Jeff Kiwa, using money he had saved for a long time from his music gigs.

Roden Y kabako with his girlfriend at Kibiri police

He however says that he got shocked recently when another person, to wit a one Hajjat Zaitun came out and claimed to own the same land and started developing it.

On hearing that someone was taking over his land, Kabako raised hell and caused a scene in the area that prompted the Local Council Chairperson (LC) Steven Ntuuyo, to call the police to arrest him together with his followers.

After a long scuffle at the police, Kabako and his minders were later released by cops at Kibiri Police post without any charges.

They later returned to the contested piece of land, where he has since started pouring construction materials in a bid to start building his house.

When contacted about the matter, the area LC Ntuuyo said that Kabako doesn’t own even a spoon of land on the contested property and that he doesn’t have enough money to buy land in Busabala.

However, many of Kabako’s relatives and friends are blaming Jeff Kiwa for preferring to keep silent when this wrangle is raging on yet he is the one who sold the land to Kabako.

“Why doesn’t Jeff Kiwa come out and clear this matter, if he is actually the one who sold the land to Kabako,” Ras Solo, one of Kayemba’s friends asked.

Although Kabako doesn’t reveal how much he paid Jeff Kiwa for the land, he insists that the land is his and that he is ready to die for it, because he bought it using his blood and sweat.

Our efforts to contact Jeff Kiwa for a comment about this matter were however futile because his known phone lines went unanswered.

But it should be noted that Jeff Kiwa was some time back involved in a bitter property wrangle with Goodlyfe crew singers Weasel and the late Moze Radio, whereby he claimed to partly own their mansion in Makindye, something they viciously refuted.

To date, Jeff Kiwa still maintains his claim over the Neverland mansion although Weasel, the only surviving Goodlyfe member, asserts that Kiwa will never step at Neverland when he (Weasel) is still alive.

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