Jeff Kiwa Ditches NTV’s Etania, Hooks Up With Bummy Singer Shakira 

Jeff Kiwa Ditches NTV’s Etania, Hooks Up With Bummy Singer Shakira 

By Ivan Mwine

Fresh info that has just landed on our gossip desk indicates that Team No Sleep (TNS) boss Jeff Kiwanuka, popularly known as Jeff Kiwa is no longer on good terms with his longtime boonkmate Etania Mutoni aka Forever Etania, who works with NTV.

Moles reveal that Jeff Kiwa is nowadays too tight for comfort with singer Shakira Kamulegeya aka Shakira Shakiraa.

Word from Moles is that Jeff is nowadays spending more time with Shakira than with Etania, whereby he no longer gives the latter the attention he used to give her before she (Shakira) came into the picture.

Bootylicious Shakira Shakiraa is too tight with Jeff Kiwa

Although Shakira and Jeff claim that what is between them is purely business, our Moles at Munyonyo Centre, where they often hang out together, say otherwise, because of the way they behave while there.

The Moles also  reveal that besides Munyonyo Centre, and Shakira also usually storm other city hangouts like Exo Lounge, Ho2, Cask Lounge and other places where they usually behave the way most passionate lovers do.

Jeff Kiwa with Forever Etania during their heyday

Jeff and Shakira’s newly found passion has left many eyebrows raised especially amongst her fans who are wondering whether it is a serious thing between them or they are just mixing business with pleasure.

It should be noted that Shakira, who  is known for songs like ‘Ebiliko’, ‘Am in Love’, ‘Bitwale’ and many others, joined Jeff’s Team No Sleep  early this  year and since then the two have been very inseparable. Although she is currently in Uganda, Shakira is a practicing nurse who  works in Texas, USA, where she is based and usually travels to Uganda for short holidays or do work on her music projects.

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