Jeff Kiwa’s Pinky Proves She’s No Match For Sheebah As Her Music Career Suffers Still Birth

Jeff Kiwa’s Pinky Proves She’s No Match For Sheebah As Her Music Career Suffers Still Birth

By Ivan Mwine

Budding singer Rahma Pinky, who was a few months ago unveiled by Team No Sleep (T.N.S) Jeff Kiwanuka aka Jeff Kiwa as the replacement for Sheebah Karungi, continues to prove that she is no match for the Swag Mama.

Pundits in the music industry reveal that although Jeff Kiwa unveiled Pinky with lots of pomp and glamour,  the little girl’s music career has since suffered a still birth after she failed to breakeven by dropping at least one hit.
Sheebah Karungi aka Swag Mama continues to drop hit after hit,  her latest is ‘Nabaleka’

This is because ever since Jeff Kiwa introduced Pinky to the music industry she has so far released four songs which include; ‘Walwawo’, ‘Tontankula’ ‘Laga Kumanyi’, ‘Onyumya Kulaba’, among others but none of them has become close to a hit.

On the other hand, Sheebah, whom Pinky replaced after she quit T.N.S to start a solo music career, has also released four songs; ‘Nabaleka’,  ‘Nkwata Bulungi’, ‘Mukama Yamba’ plus ‘Ayi’ ft Mudra, which are all hits that have since gone viral on the airwaves.

It is upon this analysis that Music Pundits argue that Pinky has lots of work to do and several years to cover because she can sit at the same table with the likes of Sheebah.

This is because even Jeff Kiwa’s move of fast-tracking her music career by paying Jose Chameleone heavily to do a collabo with her ‘Walwawo’ didn’t work out as it was expected.

Not even a collabo with Jose Chameleone would help fast-track Pinky’s music career

It should be recalled that Sheebah parted ways with T.N.S after she developed misunderstandings with her former boss Jeff Kiwa.

Although the actual cause of their split is still unclear, Moles reveal that Sheebah and Jeff failed to agree upon the proceeds from her music career, especially when it came to who was to take the lion’s share.

The last we heard from them they were bickering over the property that Sheebah acquired when she was still at T.N.S like her crib, private boat, cars and others which Jeff insists are still owned under T.N.S,  hence he has a share in them, something Sheebah  vehemently refutes.

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