Jobless Sheila Gashumba Resorts To Slaying, Flaunting Her Sensuous Body

Jobless Sheila Gashumba Resorts To Slaying, Flaunting Her Sensuous Body

By Mable Nakubuuka

Former TV star Sheila Gashumba, who has since turned into a model that features in TV adverts,  seems to have resorted to slaying and enjoying a good life, since she no longer has to be tied to a tight company schedule in order to earn a living.

Going by the pictures and info coming in from our Moles,  Sheilah, who some time back worked with NTV but later came out to lambast owners of media houses for overworking journalists and paying them peanuts, is these days spending most of her time lounging at city hotels.

Part of Sheila’s daily schedule is spending some time at the poolside of any hotel in Kampala she chooses,  where she relaxes while sipping on expensive wines or champagne and  savouring exotic cuisines.

Sheila Gashumba flaunts her sensuous body

In other words, being jobless doesn’t stop her from living a good life and she is doing so unapologetically.

Moles intimate that  after scooping some endorsements for adverts,  Sheila smiles all the way to the bank every time she feels like having some cash in her purse.

She is currently involved in an on and relationship  with socialite Marcus Ali aka God’s Plan but before him  Sheila was involved in a relationship with Ugandan celebrated rapper Fic Fameica, although they later separated after her father Frank Gashumba rejected him as a viable or potential son-in-law.

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