John Blaq Denies Being Involved InTrending Sex Video

John Blaq Denies Being Involved InTrending Sex Video

By Simon Abaho

Dancehall and afrobeat artiste, John Kasadha popularly known by his stage name John Blaq, has rushed to issue a denial notice, refuting allegations that he appears in a trending sex video on social media.

“We can confirm that this is not John Blaq in the video,” his management, JohnBlaq Music Ltd said in a statement on Monday.

“Our client is equally disturbed by the video and says that despite the uncanny resemblance, he is not the one and can never be relegated to filming cheap videos in dinghy motels.” a statement from his managers reads in part.

In the video, a black man with a head resembling that of John Blaq wearing sunglasses is seen having intercourse with a yet to be identified babe, although this website couldn’t independently verify whether or not it was actually the singer in the video.

There has been widespread online speculation about man’s identity, with many bloggers alleging that the dude in the video is John Blaq.

His management however said it would take legal action against further online rumors that “significantly ruin his reputation and image”.

“We have engaged with police to help us weed out the individuals/groups involved in spreading such malicious propaganda against their client,” the management said.

The official statement from the management.

John Blaq broke through in 2018 with his single, “Tukwatagane”.

The song “Sweet Love” was his first collaboration with Vinka, and was released in December 2018.

His first concert took place in Freedom City, Kampala on 29th November 2019.

In September 2019, John Blaq signed with Pepsi under their promotion of the “Tukonectinge Pepsi” campaign.

In 2019, he participated in a campaign for fighting teenage pregnancy.

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