Jose Chameleone Stuck In Kampala After Efforts To Secure  US VISA  Prove Fruitless

Jose Chameleone Stuck In Kampala After Efforts To Secure  US VISA  Prove Fruitless

By Ivan Mwine

Celebrated Ugandan musician Joseph Mayanja alias Dr. Jose Chameleone is stuck in Uganda while his wife Daniella Atim  and their kids try to make ends meet in America.

It should be noted that Chameleone relocated his family to America ahead of the 2021 general elections, fearing that harm could harm to  them since he is a staunch member of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) and entertained political ambitions.
Jose Chameleone didn’t spend Easter holiday with his family in America

Actually, Chameleone participated in the race for the Kampala City Lord Mayor on Democratic Party (DP) ticket although he and other contestants were trounced by Hajji Elias Lukwago.

 However, Moles observe  since the end of the elections Chameleone, who is said to have injected a lot of money in his campaigns to the extent that he never remained in the same position financially, seems to be stuck in Uganda.

Daniella and hubby Jose Chameleone were last together in 2019

The singer, according to Moles, has spent a long time in Uganda without returning to America to reunite with his family,  to the extent that they missed spending important  like Christmas, Easter or Valentine’s Day.

He has instead resorted to partying with his Leone Island boys and sending weekly upkeep to  Daniela to take care of their kids.

However, Moles close to Chameleone reveal that the main reason why he is apparently stuck in Uganda is because his efforts to secure a VISA from the US Embassy have since proved fruitless.

It is said  that ever since the descend of the COVID-19   lock and later its lifting Chameleone has been doing everything possible to secure a VISA to return to the US in vain.

Daniella Atim riding solo in America

We are told that last year he was planning to use a trip to Jamaica then connect to the USA, but that didn’t work out either,  yet chances of his securing the VISA are either in Kenya or South Africa.

The  Moles reveal  that he even tried claiming that he wanted to travel to America for medical reasons but that option was turned down after he failed to prove to the embassy officials that he had a health condition that couldn’t be handled by medical experts in Uganda, Kenya, India or any other country.

Some Moles however intimate that Chameleone’s effortless attempts at securing a US VISA could be as a result of his close links to the ruling NRM party.

It should be noted that last year the US issued travel sanctions against several senior Ugandan government and military officials plus all their allies, yet Chameleone is known to many people in the two categories.

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