Judiciary Has Assigned 32 Judges to Handle Parliamentary Election Petitions

Judiciary Has Assigned 32 Judges to Handle Parliamentary Election Petitions

By Simon Abaho

The Principal Judge Dr. Flavian has today assigned 32 judges to expedite the handling of the 155 Parliamentary and Local Council Election Petitions in the different High Court Circuits across the country.

The statement read that Mbale High Court Circuit will have the highest number of judges, six, to handle 31 election petitions. Jinja Circuit and Civil Division follow with each having four Judges.


The hearings for the Parliamentary Election Petitions will kick off on August 16 and the parties in the matters will be notified when to appear at various Courts by way of hearing notices.

The election petitions arise from the January 14, 2021, general elections.

Election Petition Guidelines.

The Hearing of petitions commences on the 16th August 2021

Only parties to the petitions, advocates, and witnesses specifically summoned shall attend court.

All courts shall, where possible establish a temporary separate space at the court as a waiting place with social distance for the parties whose petition hearing may not be ongoing at the time.

The sitting positions in Court halls shall be conspicuously demarcated to observe the social distance.

The petitions shall be cause-listed for specific times, one after the other to avoid crowds at Courts.

Where the parties and the advocates in a single election petition exceed 10 in number, the trial judge shall use Audio-Visual facilities where it exists or use open space where possible

The media interested in covering the petitions shall be accredited and guided by the Registrar of the specific Court in consultation with the Public Relations Officer.

All parties, lawyers, witnesses, and journalists attending Court must observe SOPs on mitigation of the spread of COVID has set by the Ministry of Health.

Karemani Jamson the Public Relations Officer for the Judiciary confirmed this announcement today morning.


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