Judith Heard Reaps Big From Affair With  Boxing Federation Boss Muhangi

Judith Heard Reaps Big From Affair With Boxing Federation Boss Muhangi

By Ivan Mwine

Celebrated Ugandan model Judith Heard is enjoying the ‘fruits of her sweat’, thanks to her new catch Moses Muhangi, the Uganda Boxing Federation (UBF) president.

Our Moles recently revealed how Nalongo Judith, who is a mother of three, had kicked off a fling with Muhangi, whom she is tight-marking these days like the best thing that has ever happened in her life.

Judith Heard with Moses Muhangi and others at a boxing tournament

Well, the latest from the Moles is that Judith  is not only enjoying goodies, thanks to Muhangi’s wallet, but has since landed herself  a deal to be the ambassador for Ugana’s national boxing team The Bombers.

As a result of this deal, Judith is set  to feature at all boxing matches that will be played in Uganda or abroad so long as the UBF is part of them.

Judith Heard posing as a boxer for the Bombers

The Moles reveal that she has already done photoshoots for her ambassadorial role  which Muhangi keeps is his office, on his Smartphones and other gadgets on which he can easily access them for adoration.

The new deal has already seen Judith grace some boxing tournaments with Muhangi which of course came along with lots of merrymaking.

Gorgeous model Judith Heard

According to Moles, ever since Judith came into Muhangi’s life she no longer has to  worry about things like fuel prices, restaurant or hotel bills, among other luxuries.

Muhangi was some time back said to be dating model Sheilah Parker Ayo

Muhangi was a few months back said to be chewing Ugandan model Sheilah Parker Ayo but it seems their fling didn’t work out especially because she is abroad most of the times, reason why they called it quits.


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