Juiciest Batooro Babes On Reckless Radio Fans Group

Juiciest Batooro Babes On Reckless Radio Fans Group


By Kwame Ismail Nkurunziza


Although James Onen aka Fatboy revealed a few days ago that he is rebranding his online Reckless Radio, we can assure you that by the time he  reached that decision, the man had managed to collect a bevy of juicy babes through his Reckless Radio Fans Group.

Actually our Moles intimate that Fatboy, who seems to be having a cultic radio following of sorts, has managed to bring together a host of very delicious babes  through his WhatsApp group from all corners of the country, who often end up networking with guys.

There are many  such mouth-watering  babes on the Reckless Fans Group platform but the following stand out from Tooro, the land of beauty, milk and honey;

Faith Abwoli

She is a stunning natural beauty but if you are  looking for physical beauty and submissive niceness in one person she might not be your type.

Faith Abwooli

A quick look at some of her posts suggests she talks back and she is the type that might say something that to hurt your feelings without caring or when just testing you.

Karunji M Diana

Pretty face? Check. Nice smile? Check. Style? Check. If you can’t get enough of voluptuous appetite for savvy chics, this Mutoro with curvy booty doesn’t hurt to look at.

Katrinah Tinah

If you are the type of guy that likes sexy eyes you might find it hard to resist the allure of some of her photos.

Katrina Tinah


Kirunji Brenda Lynn

Someone needs to put this ‘Omwana w’Omutoro’ on a giant billboard. With her good looks she can sell almost anything. Kirunji is a much more than a pretty face. She is also a speaker and coach.

Kirunji Brendalynn

Winnie Nyangoma Amooti

all I can say is that floral piece of magnificent art whom you should make your close friend if you want to enjoy memorable moments on earth.

Winnie Nyangoma


Other juicy Batooro babes in the Reckless Fans Group include; Anne Bagaya, Linda  Rwija Nyatworo, to mention but a few.

Anne Bagaya
Linda Rwija

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