Juliana Performs At Wedding After Snubbing Shaka Mayanja’s Jazz Safari Festival

Juliana Performs At Wedding After Snubbing Shaka Mayanja’s Jazz Safari Festival

By Ivan Mwine


Celebrated Ugandan diva Princess Juliana Kanyomozi is so elated after she resumed performing at events after almost five years away from the public eye.

Juliana,  who a few days ago turned down a deal to perform at the Jazz Safari festival, over the weekend performed at a wedding  that was held in Mukono, where she had been hired to entertain guests.

Songbird Princess Juliana Kayomozi performing at a wedding

We have since established that Juliana was hired by  the bride and groom who have since been only identified as Beatrice and Patrick.

The diva was so elated after performing for the crowd, something she has not done in a very long time, to the extent that she wrote thus on social media after sharing photos of her performing; “Missed being on stage.”

Indeed, Juliana missed the stage as much as millions of her fans in Uganda and across the world missed her.

Juliana is back to stage after several years

Actually, Juliana last released a song in 2018  titled ‘Omukwano Gwedda’ before she decided to give her music career a break such that she could concentrate on starting up a family, a decision that worked well for her.

However, Juliana has since left many of her fans wondering why she had to turn down Shaka Mayanja’s deal to perform at the Jazz Safari festival, but accepted to perform at a wedding.

This is because a booking for an international event like the Jazz Safari Festival is rated higher in terms of branding and cashes in more than a big-name artiste like Juliana performing at a  mere wedding.

Anyways, whatever the case it might be, we are all glad too see Juliana back on stage!


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