Juliana Shows Off Fresh Postnatal Glow As Her Baby Daddy Is Exposed

Juliana Shows Off Fresh Postnatal Glow As Her Baby Daddy Is Exposed


By Mable Nakibuuka


Celebrated Ugandan musician Juliana Kanyomozi, who is currently on labour leave ever since she gave birth to an adorable son a few months ago, has finally come out of the ‘Nakawere Oduropu!’


Juliana, who is currently a breastfeeding mother, has finally shared her postnatal pictures, which portray her as blooming and glowing beauty.

Habi Moses expresses undying love for Juliana Kanyomozi in one of his Facebook posts


Unlike some lactating mothers who usually lose colour and sexiness, Juliana is the opposite according to her latest snaps, of the beautiful mother she is.

Juliana Kanyomozi is as sexy as she has always been

The songbird, who is businessman Amos Lukwago’s ex-lover, with whom she had a son who  passed away a few years back, delivered a baby boy early this year while in Sweden, where she is currently based.

Habi Moses declared that Juliana is the love of his life but he had kept it a secret

Although she has since kept the father of her child a mystery, our Moles intimate that he is Kampala doctor Habi Moses, whom she hooked up with after enduring several years of loneliness.

Habi Moses posted a picture of Juliana Kanyomozi and captioned it ‘If you know you know’

Moses also prefers to remain in the background and has never come out to publicly declare that he is dating Juliana, although his  social media accounts, especially Facebook, are lined with the songbird’s pictures captioned with messages of love.


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