Juliana Warned Off Top Army General, Ordered To Return Abroad If She Wants Peace

Juliana Warned Off Top Army General, Ordered To Return Abroad If She Wants Peace

By Ivan Mwine

Ugandan celebrated singer Juliana Kanyomozi has been directed to keep away from a top army General in Uganda is she wants peace.

Actually, Moles reveal that Juliana is living in so much scare after reportedly receiving anonymous messages cautioning her to consider returning abroad to avoid ill fate.


Apparently, Juliana has been deeply involved with the General for a long time, something that irks his wife.

Juliana Kanyomozi with her son Taj

Moles reveal that after failing to compete with Juliana, who is not only a gorgeous beauty but also a celebrated musician, the wife reported the matter to her father, who is a very powerful man in the country.

Now we hear the father has since sent messages through emissaries to alert Juliana that she is joking with fire and that the only option she has is to return abroad where she gave birth in 2020.

It should be noted that Juliana gave birth to her son christened  only Taj in Sweden, something that was a surprise to many of her fans who had taken long without hearing from her.

She remained abroad for the during the COVID-19 lockdown and when it was partially lifted, she flew back to Uganda with her baby.

Although she has never publicly revealed the father of  son or even appeared in pictures  with him, word has it that the kid’s das is city businessman only identified as Habi Moses.

Habi Moses who is said to be the father of Juliana’s son

But, there are other people who  claim that Moses is just a coverup for the General,  something that has left many of Juliana’s fans with unanswered questions, like why she had to secretly fly out of the country when she was pregnant, why she hid the pregnancy from thousands of her fans, why she prefers to keep the baby’s face a top secret, why she has never revealed the boy’s surname, among others.

It should be noted however that Moses has a daughter from his past relationship that hit rocks a few years ago before Juliana came into the picture.

However, efforts by our reporter to secure a comment from Juliana were futile by press time because she couldn’t be reached through her known phone contacts.


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