Julie Mutesasira Marries Fellow Woman After Ex-Hubby Weds Again

Julie Mutesasira Marries Fellow Woman After Ex-Hubby Weds Again


By  Mable Nakibuuka

Once popular Ugandan gospel singer Juliet Naluja, popularly known as Julie Mutesasira, has done the unthinkable by marrying a fellow woman shortly after her ex-husband Pastor Steven Mutesasira wedded again.

Pastor Mutesasira, who has two kids with Julie although the couple separated several years ago, decided to wed a new wife over the weekend.

Julie, who is based in Canada, ensured that she sent the kids to their father’s wedding, although they didn’t suspect that she was also planning her own secret wedding.

Julie Mutesasira and her bride show off their marriage certificate

Moles reveal that while Mutesasira was busy enjoying the wedding with his new bride and kids, he was shocked on seeing pictures of Julie at another wedding, kissing a fellow woman, whom she had just wedded.

We have since learnt that Julie and her/his yet to be identified bride have since settled down in America as husband and wife, to start their new lesbian marriage.

Julie Mutesasira has since turned into a Tomboy

However, her act of marrying a fellow woman has since left many of  Julie’s friends dumbfounded, because many of them never expected her to be a lesbian.

Watch this space for details.

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