Julie Mutesasira’s Lover Positively Identified, Secrets About Her Lesbianism Emerge

Julie Mutesasira’s Lover Positively Identified, Secrets About Her Lesbianism Emerge


By Mable Nakibuuka

We told you! ExposedUganda.com Moles can never rest until they unearth every secret on earth.

Like we promised, our Moles have positively identified controversial lesbian pastor Julie Mutesasira’s wife.


This website revealed a few days ago how gospel singer cum Pastor Julie Nalugya aka Julie Mutesasira had decided to marry a fellow woman after her baby daddy and ex-husband pastor Steven Mutesasira wedded again.

Now we can reveal that our Moles have ably identified Julie’s wifey as Judith Nyamahunge.

Julie Mutesasira and wifey Judith Nyamuhunge

The couple is currently based in Canada, where they are living as husband and wife after tying the knot, although Julie’s act of entering into a lesbian marriage has since raised eyebrows amongst many of her followers and believers.

Julie has two children from her former marriage with ex-hubby Mutesasira but the couple developed marital woes a few years back that led to their separation, after the hubby learnt that she was cheating on him.

Julie Nalugya Mutesasira was a Tomboy during her days at High School

However, it is said that what broke Mutesasira’s heart most was learning that his wife and mother of his children, was cheating on him with a fellow woman.

Pals intimate that it was not long before Mutesasira learnt that Julie had actually been a lesbian since her high school days, whereby she had always been a Tomboy who often put on men’s clothes and always wanted to act or portray herself as a guy.



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