Just In: Prof. Mbonye Former Director-General Of Health Services At Ministry Of Health Has Died

Just In: Prof. Mbonye Former Director-General Of Health Services At Ministry Of Health Has Died

By Simon Abaho

Prof Anthony Kabanza Mbonye, the husband to Lucy Nakyobe Mbonye, the outgoing State House comptroller, has died.

The former director-general of Health Services died Sunday morning, according to statement from State House.


“We regret to announce the passing of Prof. Anthony Kabanza Mbonye, husband to Lucy Nakyobe Mbonye, the outgoing State house comptroller,” State House tweeted on Sunday. 

It is said that Prof. Mbonye died from his home at Buziga, a Kampala suburb.

Prof Mbonye resigned from the Ministry of Health in 2018 after serving for more than 30 years. Mbonye who earned his Ph.D. from the University of Copenhagen also taught at Makerere University School of Public Health since 1996 and at the Uganda Christian University since 2008.

In 2019, Prof Mbonye wrote in his new book saying the appointment of inexperienced junior officers to influential positions in the Health ministry had undermined the quality of services delivered by the sector.

Prof Mbonye detailed a litany of in-fighting and power struggles that led to his resignation as director-general of health services in charge of clinical and community health in January 2018.

In 2017, he was removed from the position after the IGG challenged his appointment citing conflict of interest.

Mbonye later ran to High Court which later cleared him but the court ruling came two days after he had decided to resign from the position.

In 2019, the Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary, Dr. Diana Atwine sued Prof.Mbonye for allegedly defaming her in his new book.

Through her lawyers of K&K Advocates, Dr. Atwine sought an apology from Prof Mbonye, general damages, exemplary damages, a permanent injunction, interest, and costs of the suit

There will be a scientific vigil at his home at Plot 10 Buziga Close today. Tomorrow Monday July 26, 2021, the body will leave for Ibanda, Rwenkobwa. Burial will be on Tuesday, July 27 at midday.


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