Justice Byabakama Publicises Presidential Election Results Amidst Controversy, Insists Museveni Won

Justice Byabakama Publicises Presidential Election Results Amidst Controversy, Insists Museveni Won

By Mable Nakibuuka

The Electoral Commission Chairperson Justice Simon Byabakama has today January 28th, 2021 plublicised result of the recently concluded presidential elections, several days after the elections, something that has raised controversy.

The Ugandan law stipulates that the results for Presidential Elections are declared and published within 48 hours from the closure of polls, but the E.C has published them almost two weeks after the election.


Justice Byabakama says that he announced cumulative results during the declaration of the winner hence having figures that excluded figures those that came after the deadline.

Byabakama, who has been on fire because of the delay, put everything in context saying that;

“These stations account for 96.47% of the total number of polling stations (34,684) across the country. The declaration met the legal requirements of Section 57(4) of the Presidential Elections Act, which provides that a candidate shall be declared as President if he/she has obtained more than fifty percent (50%) of the valid votes cast at the election.”

He noted that; “The candidate who was declared as winner obtained more than 50% of the total votes cast at the election. The Commission considered the fact that the difference in votes obtained by the leading candidate and first runner up would not have a significant effect on the final results even if all the voters from the remaining one thousand two hundred and twenty-three (1,223) polling stations, totalling to six hundred ninety-four thousand two hundred and twenty-nine (694,229) voters were added to the first runner up.”

According to the official declaration, Museveni won the election with 6,042898 votes representing 58.38% of the vote, making Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine his first runner up with only 3,631,437 votes representing 35.08%.

Bobi Wine was followed by Patrick Amuriat Oboi of Forum for Democratic (FDC) who scored 337,589 votes representing 3.26% of the valid votes cast, Joseph Kabuleta scored  45,424 votes representing 0.44%, Nancy Kalembe Linda got 38,772 votes representing 0.37%, while John Katumba got 37,554 votes representing 0.36%,  Nobert Mao got 57,682 votes representing. 0.56%, Willy Mayambala gathered 15,041 votes representing 0.15% of the valid votes cast,  Mugisha Muntu Gregory got 67,574 votes representing 0.65%, Fred Mwesigye garnered 25,483 votes representing 0.25% while Henry Tumukunde got 51,392 votes representing 0.50%.

It should be recalled that the Electoral Commission dismissed any extra tally centres and literally asked Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) to switch off social media and internet for their own convenience while counting presidential election ballots.

However, NUP candidate Bobi Wine has since rejected the results of the election, saying that the election was rigged and marred by a lot of malpractices, reason why he has vowed to contest Museveni’s presidency in court.


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