Kabaka Mutebi Orders Probe Into Free Bobi Wine Protests Killings

Kabaka Mutebi Orders Probe Into Free Bobi Wine Protests Killings

By Mable Nakibuuka

The Kabaka of Buganda His Majesty Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II, has directed the central government to conduct a swift investigation into the recent killings of civilians by the police and military, as they dispersed nationwide protests that broke out following the arrest of National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.

At least 50 people died across the country after being shot and hundreds others are still nursing wounds they sustained as the armed forces violently broke up protests, although many of the dead and injured were not necessarily part of the protests that occurred a fortnight ago.

Although the police revealed last week that they are still conducting investigations into the brutality that was meted out unto unarmed civilians and that they would bring all officers responsible to book, no police or military officers have since been arrested or made to account for the crimes that were committed against humanity.

It is for that reason that Kabaka Mutebi has demanded for a swift investigation into this criminality and while speaking on Sunday during the launch of the annual ‘Kabaka Birthday Run’,   the monarch directed all concerned authorities to quickly investigate the killings and avail the country with a conclusive report about the matter.

“What happened during the protests; the murdering of innocent people during the recent protests is unacceptable and it must be investigated soon,” Kabaka Mutebi said.

He added that; “Those who have been in Uganda for a long time remember that in 1945, at the time when our country was still being ruled by colonialists, a similar event happened, when 8 people were shot dead and 14 others sustained injuries. But even then, the incident was investigated by the colonial government and all those who committed the violence were held responsible for their acts. The same measures should be applied in this case.”

During his speech, the Monarch also urged all men in Buganda and Uganda as a whole to engage in the fight against HIV/AIDS by sensitizing all youth in both rural and urban centers about the  deadly scourge.

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