Kadaga Finally Mourns Her Nemesis  Fallen Speaker  Oulanyah

Kadaga Finally Mourns Her Nemesis  Fallen Speaker  Oulanyah

By Ivan Mwine

Rebecca Kadaga, who is the First Deputy Prime Minister,  has finally publicly mourned her nemesis,  Speaker Jacob Oulanyah, who passed  away on at a health facility in Seattle, America, on Sunday.

Kadaga, who has not been seeing eye to eye with Oulanyah for a very long time, took to her twitter account on Monday and posted thus;


“At this  trying moment, I send sincere condolences  to the children,  the mother and other members of  Rt Hon Oulanyah s family as well as friends and relatives    The NRM  party, the Parliament and the Country  have  lost a key leader   Condolences  to HE the President.”

It should be noted that Kadaga, who   is a former Speaker of Parliament, was not on good terms with Oulanyah ever since he scooped the position of Speaker of the 11th Parliament from her.

Oulanyah deputized Kadaga  for two terms  but when the 11 Parliament was elected, he contested against her for the position of Speaker and emerged winner, deputized by Rt. Hon. Anita Among.

It is however not yet clear whether Kadaga will contest again for the position of Speaker now that her biggest competitor is gone to meet his creator.

But what should be noted that if Kadaga is to contest for Speaker she has to relinquish her Ministerial position, just like Among has to resign her position as Deputy Speaker if she is to contest for Oulanyah’s now vacant position.

Meanwhile, we have established that  the race to fill Oulanyah’s position is already in high gear and the next Speaker is to be elected before Oulanyah’s body is taken to Parliament to lie in state.


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