Kadaga Says Musumba Was Being Used By Mafias To Drag Her Court

Kadaga Says Musumba Was Being Used By Mafias To Drag Her Court

By Simon Abaho

First Deputy Prime Minister, Rebecca Kadaga has said Salaamu Musumba’s election petition challenging her Kamuli District Woman MP victory, was sponsored by ‘mafias’.

The former Speaker of Parliament made the comments after Musumba’s withdraw of the election petition on Wednesday.


The FDC Vice President, Musumba had filed the petition before Jinja High Court challenging Kadaga’s victory citing vote bribery and rigging.

However, appearing before Justice Isa Sserunkuma, Musumba decided to withdraw her petition and said she was no longer interested in the petition.

Following the developments, Kadaga thanked his team of lawyers for winning the case she claims was backed by ‘mafia’. She however didn’t mention the ‘mafia’.

“Am honoured to have been represented by Star-studded team of JM Mugisha, C Alaka , E Ocieng, E Okuo in demolishing the fictitious, concocted, mafia sponsored and backed petition of Salaam Musumba. You cannot overturn a margin of over 60.000 votes” Kadaga said.

In the Parliamentary elections held in January, Kadaga won the Kamuli Woman MP race after garnering 92,388 against her closest rival Musumba’s 26,851.


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