Kamuswaga Vs Kabaka Mutebi As Kooki Officially Breaks Away From Buganda Kingdom

Kamuswaga Vs Kabaka Mutebi As Kooki Officially Breaks Away From Buganda Kingdom

By Ivan Mwine

The territorial war between Kooki Chiefdom and Buganda Kingdom has officially resumed has officially resumed after Kooki officials led by the Kamuswaga Apollo Sansa Kabumbuli II declared autonomy by clearly marking the boundary that separated Kooki from Buganda.

We have established that Kooki, which his been elevated from a Chiefdom to a Kingdom, on Tuesday morning erected a border post at the point they claim marks the beginning of their territory.


It should however be noted that Buganda Kingdom, led by Kabaka Muwenda Mutebi II, has for decades claimed Kooki, which covers parts of Greater Masaka is a Ssaza(Chiefdom) belonging Buganda after it was annexed from the once vast Bunyoro Kingdom.

The boundary separating Kooki from Buganda Kingdom

But in 2015 the leadership of Kooki led by the Kamuswaga declared independence from Buganda Kingdom,  although  their autonomy  has never been recognized by Uganda.

In a letter July 27, 2015 to Charles Peter Mayiga, the Buganda Katikkiro (Prime Minister), Kooki prime minister Hajji Idi Ahmed Kiwanuka publicly announced its independence from Buganda, complicating an already damaged relationship.

Kiwanuka’s letter was also a protest note against Mayiga’s planned visit to Kooki County for a fundraiser for the beautification of the Kabaka’s lake in Ndeeba near Kampala.

“Irrespective of individual and/or institutional perspective, Kooki by all laws governing the Republic of Uganda, is a lawful cultural institution with a hereditary leader, governance structures, with due protocol and indeed independence,” the letter partly reads.

Historically, Kooki is one of the recognized counties of the wider Buganda kingdom.

The Chiefdom of Kooki, also known as the Kooki chiefdom, was a pre-colonial African kingdom located within present-day Rakai District of Uganda that existed from approximately 1740 until 1896.

The kingdom ceased to exist as an independent state in 1896 when it merged into the British Protectorate of Buganda.

However, its royal line still continues to this day as a Chiefdom, and is currently led by The Kamuswaga Apollo Sansa Kabumbuli II, a hereditary Saza Chief on behalf of the Kabaka of Buganda.

By the time of filing this article our efforts to reach Owek. Stanley Ndawula, the Kooki kingdom Minister for Information for a comment were still futile, but we shall bring you his statement in our subsequent reports.


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