Kansanga Miracle Centre Church Pastor Kiwewesi, Wife Sasha In Bitter Divorce Battle

Kansanga Miracle Centre Church Pastor Kiwewesi, Wife Sasha In Bitter Divorce Battle

By Ivan Mwine

Rumour has been going around for a long time that things are no longer at ease between pastor Isaac Kyobe Kiwewesi, of Kansanga Miracle Centre Churh, and his wife Sasha Barbara Mugabi.

It is reported that the two developed some differences which forced Sasha to estrange herself from Kiwewesi’s  home.


She flew to the USA in 2019 to cool off the stress in their relationship that had hit rocks and to date it’s where she is based.

But latest reports reaching us have it that the two are going separate ways after all efforts to mend their marriage hit a dead end.

Information passed to our Moles indicates that Sasha got  fed up of the issues in their relationship and was  forced to end their marriage.

It is  said Kiwewesi  tried to plead  with her to return home such that they can mend ties but she refused. 

 We have learnt that Sasha filed a divorce cause vide HCT-00-FD-DC-0126-2021, begging court to dissolve their marriage.

Pastor Isaac Kiwewesi Kyoobe preaching at his church

The case is set to come up for hearing this Friday through a video conference at the Makindye based Family Division Court, before Justice Joseph Mulangira.

A source intimates that the two estranged lovers are slated to battle for properties which include the Kansanga Miracle Centre Church and all properties under the same estate which they have accumulated for the time they have been together.

 We have learnt that Sasha paraded various accusations against the Pastor in her petition, which she said forced her  to tearfully reach decision to end their marriage.

 For close to two years now, the Pastor has been braving cold nights while his estranged wife is trying to formalise her settlement in the USA.

Kiwewesi tied the knot with Sasha in 2007 at a wedding that broke matrimonial spending records.

The fete was estimated to have cost Sh300m, because the invitation list stretched to 40,000 and the wedding cake alone was said to have cost tens of millions of shillings.

And while no one could put a price on the bride’s wedding gown, it was rumoured to have cost a staggering sum.

Pastor Isaac Kiwewesi with now estranged wife Sasha Mugabi Kiwewesi

The wedding venue was Mandela National Stadium, popularly known as Namboole, which was filled almost to capacity, with born-again Christians from all walks of life.

A reported 50 ushers/bouncers made sure no one got in without an invitation card.

However, the church elders were so heartbroken because of their pastor’s choice of partner.

Apparently the elders had hoped that Kiwewesi would marry the smashing Susan Katono,  who was a publicist with a company called Balton then, although he unfortunately chose Sasha.

 Apart from Katono, there was also another born-again lady called Diana Mutesi, who had been anticipated to  get married to the Pastor, only for him to disappoint her.

 At that time a self-proclaimed Prophetess Maria Nagayi, revealed that unless the Pastor married Mutesi, he wouldn’t have a peaceful and prosperous marriage; a prophesy that seems to have come to pass!

She claimed God appeared to her in a dream and gave her the message about getting married to Kiwewesi.

Sasha is a former employee of the defunct Uganda Telecom, where she worked as a product value officer.

She went to Kabojja Senior Secondary School, before relocating to the UK for further studies.

Pastor Kiwewesi met Sasha before she became a born-again Christian, but then she disappeared to the UK before he could get to know more about her.

Later, in June 2006, he met her again in London, where he had gone to meet Christians at a conference.

It is said the couple started getting some hiccups after two years together when the Pastor’s image was almost tarnished by several sodomy scandal.

Following the scandal, it was not long before rumors started flying that Sasha was threatening to leave him, although the pastor vehemently denied the gay allegations.

The separation news became rife after Sasha was sighted on numerous occasions merrymaking at parties  in the USA with girl brigade that is made up of among others Tooro Princess Ruth Komuntale.


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