Karole Kasita Ripe For Visit To Labour Ward, Ready To Drop Feffe Bussi’s Firstborn

Karole Kasita Ripe For Visit To Labour Ward, Ready To Drop Feffe Bussi’s Firstborn

By Ivan Mwine

Ugandan diva Karole Kasita, real name Carol Kasita, who is heavily pregnant, is counting down days before she gives birth, although this hasn’t stopped her performances.

Known for popular jams like ‘Nywamu’, ‘Mbeelamu’ and others, Karole Kasita is soon welcoming her first bundle of joy and before long she will have to pause her music career such that she can attend to motherly duties.


Meanwhile, Moles intimate that famous rapper Feffe Bussi, who is said to be responsible for the pregnancy, is said to be very supportive and is doing everything possible to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

Heavily pregnant Karole Kasita

However, despite being heavily pregnant, Kasita is still thrilling fans with her vigorous performances at city hangouts.

On Wednesday this week, the two were at Alex Muhangi’s Comedy Store show, during which they staged a very exhilarating performance of their popular collabo ‘Ebyo Byoli’.

Feffe Bussi and Karole Kasita after performing at Comedy Store

The two have been reportedly dating for close to a year and rumours about their relationship started manifesting after they outed the collabo and they have never publicly denied it.

Born April 25, 1989 Kasita, who is one of Uganda’s renowned musicians, has a bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship from Makerere University Business School.

She started singing in secondary school at St. Josephs Naggalama.

She recorded her first song titled ‘Bounce It’, a collabo with Nutty Neithan, when she was still at campus and since then she has never looked back.


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