Katatumba Fires Back At Haters With ‘Biluma Abayaye’ Remix After Daddy Andre, Nina Roz Saga

Katatumba Fires Back At Haters With ‘Biluma Abayaye’ Remix After Daddy Andre, Nina Roz Saga


By Mable Nakibuuka

Songbird Angella Katatumba has released a new song, in which she fires back at all haters and frenemies who have been chiding her for  having dumped dancehall star Andrew Ojambo aka Daddy Andre, who later hooked up with fellow singer Nina Akankunda aka Nina Roz.

Daddy Andre and Katatumba had been dating since last year for months until January this year when they separated, after she reportedly told him to go for an HIV test and he refused.

That was after some upcoming musicians had come out and alleged that Daddy Andre, who is also a music producer, had been chewing their Sompyos in exchange for producing the music.

So when Daddy Andre’s scandals went public, Katatumba, who is the wealthy heiress running the Bonney Katatumba Business Empire, demanded that he eithers goes for a blood test or they call it quits and when he refused, she booted him.

He later hooked up with Nina Roz, with whom they got officially engaged after he visited her parents on Friday.

However among the first people to congratulate Daddy Andre and Nina Roz upon embarking on the journey to legalise their relationship was his ex-lover Katatumba, something that attracted a backlash from many Ugandans  on social media.

ExposedUganda.com revealed  on Saturday how several of Daddy Andre and Nina Roz’s fans on Facebook had sent very sarcastic messages in reply to Katatumba’s congratulatory message.

Katatumba Roasted Over Daddy Andre, Nina Roz Relationship

However, in a bid to silence them all, Katatumba has released a remix of the Buka Chimney’s  song ‘Biluma Abayaye’, which can be literally translated to mean ‘This What Hurts Haters!’

The collabo with Buka Chimney, for which she has already released an audio and is currently working on its video, is already doing rounds on local airwaves and online music platforms, including YouTube.

Katatumba bellows out in the intro that; “If you’re tryna fight me, I’m not your regular. I’m the bad gyal you see pan your cellular, I am the keys I am the formula.”

Angela Katatumba’s post about her new song


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