Katatumba Roasted Over Daddy Andre, Nina Roz Relationship

Katatumba Roasted Over Daddy Andre, Nina Roz Relationship


By Exposed Uganda


Wealthy businesswoman Angela Katatumba, who is also a renowned musician, is being roasted on Facebook and other social media platforms over being dumped by singer Andrew Ojambo aka Daddy Andre, who hooked up songbird Nina Akankunda aka Nina Roz.

It should be noted that  Katatumba and Daddy Andre were dating some time back but their relationship fell apart reportedly after  she demanded that he goes for an HIV test but he refused.

Angela Katatumba is lonely as Nina Roz and Daddy Andre enjoy themselves

So after separating beds, Daddy Andre went on to hook up with Nina Roz, whom he has been banging until he ballooned her and she decided that he must visit her parents, hence their Kukyala (Traditional Engagement) ceremony that was held on  Friday October 23rd, 2020.

What Katatumba posted on social media after separating with Daddy Andre

However, Katatumba’s trouble started when she posted a picture of Nina Roz and Daddy Andre on her Facebook wall, congratulating them upon their Kukyala, which is an important  milestone in their relationship.

But instead of supporting her and welcoming Katatumba’s gesture of wishing her ex-lover and his newfound love a happy relationship, many Facebook in-laws used the opportunity to throw jibes and scoff at her through their very sarcastic messages.

Here are some of the messages that are bound to give Katatumba a very bad weekend;

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