Kemi Sera Admits Cheating On Ex-Hubby Hajji Haruna With Mayor Walukagga

Kemi Sera Admits Cheating On Ex-Hubby Hajji Haruna With Mayor Walukagga

By Ivan Mwine

Sexy singer Kemi Sera has admitted that she cheated on her former hubby Hajji Haruna Mubiru with Kyengera town council mayor Sir Mathias Walukagga, for him she even produced a child.

Serah confessed cheating on Mubiru with Walukagga during an interview with Spark TV a few days ago, revealing that she is actually raising the child that resulted from her infidelity.
Kemi Serah with Hajji Haruna Mubiru and a fellow Kream Production band member during their heyday

It should be recalled that some time back pictures of a severely bruised Kemi Sera leaked and circulated on social media.

Although the storyline at the time the pictures circulated was that she had been involved in an accident, fresh details indicate that the bruises were wounds she had sustained following a bitter fight with Mubiru, who was also her boss at the Kream Productions band, which he owns.

Kemi Sera shows off X-ray images of the injuries she sustained following the beating

It is said that Mubiru, who has a number of women, got so pissed after learning that Sera had all along been cheating on him with Walukagga and that the latter had even ballooned her.

We are told that after thoroughly disciplining her, Walukagga chased Sera out of the house he was renting for her and since then they have been living separate lives.

Sir Mathias Walukagga on stage

Meanwhile, Moles reveal that following the scandal, a vicious lengthy verbal war erupted between Walukagga and Mubiru, ad to date they no longer see eye to eye.

Hajji Haruna Mubiru no longer sees eye to eye with Walukagga because of Kemi Sera

Meanwhile, it is  not yet clear whether Walukagga since accepted paternity for Sera’s child but it should be noted that Walukagga has been linked to several women and has kids with ssome of them, although he always has issues when it comes to accepting them as their father.

Watch this space for Walukagga’s sex secrets plus the women in his life, including those  he has kids with and those on  his pick and play list.

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