Kemi Sera’s Music Career Suffers Premature Birth After Katsha De Bank Stops Pumping In Cash

Kemi Sera’s Music Career Suffers Premature Birth After Katsha De Bank Stops Pumping In Cash

By Ivan Mwine

Songbird Kemi Sera is regretting why she quit musician Haruna Mubiru aka Kitooke’s Kream Productions band, because her music career seems to have stagnated.

Kemi Sera fell out with Mubiru in 2019 and in 2020 South Africa based Sangoma Shaffick Katumba aka Katsha De Bank announced that he was going to inject dime in her, with  the sole purpose of promoting her   music career.

We are told that indeed Katsha injected some dime in some of Sera’s music projects but  none of them kicked off, which prompted him to cut down on what he was spending on her.

Gorgeous Kemi Sera

Moles intimate that matters  were worsened by the outbreak of COIVD-19 pandemic that ravaged South Africa, Uganda and other parts of the world, which made it so difficult for Katsha to continue injecting money in to Sera, something that has since left her in dire financial position.

According to Moles, Sera is nowadays so sad and blue because  the dime from Katsha used to help her make ends  meet but things are very difficult nowadays because it is no longer coming through.

The situation has been worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic  which resulted into the closure of recreation facilities and suspension of all music concerts in the country, which means that her means of survival was totally cut off.

Kemi Sera looking very sexy

All the above combined have left Sera in a very helpless situation  especially because her once promising music career has since suffered a still birth.

Haruna Mubiru separated bitterly with Kemi Sera

Sera, who is a bubbling beauty, became known for her popular love songs that include; ‘Omukwano Lugoye’, ‘Akagato’, ‘Omponyeza,’ among others which she recorded when she was still under Mubiru’s Kream Productions band.

However, she later parted ways with Mubiru after they reportedly suffered irreconcilable differences that bordered on mixing business with pleasure.

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