Kenneth Mugabi Unleashes Official Video For His New Song ‘Wamanyiza’

Kenneth Mugabi Unleashes Official Video For His New Song ‘Wamanyiza’

By Ivan Mwine

Sensational vocalist Kenneth Mugabi has dropped the video for his new love single ‘Wamanyiza’, a few days after he outed the audio.

Mugabi’s ‘Wamanyiza’, which can be loosely translated to mean ‘It’s you who made me get used to this kind of love’, is a romantic ballad in which he sings about a lover he is yearning and waiting for but not seeing.
Kenneth Mugabi with a pal

The video premiered on YouTube on Monday January 16th, 2022, but it has already been picked up by Spotify, Apple, Facebook, Deezer, Amazon, iTunes, plus several other online music platforms.

Having won the hearts of very many Ugandans with his acoustic vibes and well-blended instrumental music, Mugabi is bound to capture the minds and ears of many more with his ‘Wamanyiza.’

Mugabi, who is signed to leading music label Black Market Records and a Janzi Award winner, is a force to reckon with in Uganda’s music industry, because he is not only a singer but also a songwriter, instrumentalist and composer, skills that have made him a valuable asset in the arts and performing industry.

He recently dropped a new album dubbed ‘Kibun’omu’, which features 12 tracks that include; ‘Naki’, ‘Mumulete’, ‘Katambala’, ‘Amaso’,  ‘Musheshe’, ‘Nambi’, ‘Janzi’, ‘Nubuka Acoustic’, ‘Obadewa’, ‘Ileng’  and ‘Rita’.

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