Kenyan Presidential Election: Ruto Teams Up With Exray Taniua To Out ‘Sipangwingwi’ Remix

Kenyan Presidential Election: Ruto Teams Up With Exray Taniua To Out ‘Sipangwingwi’ Remix

By Ivan Mwine

Kenyan vice president Dr. William Samoe Ruto has teamed up with celebrated musician Extray Taniua to do a remix video for his popular song ‘Sipangwingwi’.

The ‘Sipangwingwi’ remix comes after Ruto decided to use Exray’s club banger as his official campaign song as the elections that are slated for August loom nearer.

Ruto, who is contesting for the presidential seat against Raila Odinga hit studio a few days ago and as you read this, the remix video is dropping any time from now on YouTube via Black Market Records.

The remix comes after Exray’s song ‘Sipangwingwi’, which he released last year, performed well by attracting over 6M views on YouTube.

Exray Taniua with William Ruto during one of his campaign rallies

Since then Ruto has been using it as his campaign song at all rallies since it augurs well with his campaign message.

Real name Tony Kinyanjui, Exray Taniua was born, in Githurai, Kenya and started singing when he was still at school although later after growing up he ventured into professional music recording.

He started out as a gospel artist singing in the church choir, but later decided to venture into secular music by  trying out hip-hop, reggae, trap and eventually genge-tone, which he has since mastered.

Exray is the first member of Boondocks gang to launch an album that features 21 songs titled ‘Taniua Movement’.

The album features the legendary Mejja, badass trio Mio, Wakadinali, Chantelle and other great artists. His latest songs are Nipee, La casa, Telenovela, Alright among others

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