Kenzo Appears On New York Times Square After Collabo With Monique Seka Becomes Instant Hit

Kenzo Appears On New York Times Square After Collabo With Monique Seka Becomes Instant Hit


By Mable Nakibuuka

Celebrated musician and B.E.T award winner Edrisa Musuuza has become the first Ugandan artiste to be recognized by New York city for being a very inspiring musician.

As you read this, Kenzo’s banners are flooding New York streets after  he did a remix of  Ivory Coast artiste Monique Seka’s song ‘Missounwa’, which has since become a big hit in America, Europe and across Africa.

Through this lifetime achievement, Kenzo is not only still raising the Ugandan flag but he also becomes the first Ugandan artiste to appear on the New York Times Square billboard.

We have established that after the remix, which Kenzo and Monique Seka are yet to  release, they will work upon shooting the video, which will be released before end of year.

Monique Seka (born November 22, 1965; nicknamed the queen of Afro-zouk music) is a singer from Ivory Coast. With the musical fusion that she generates, Monique Seka’s Afro-zouk music is popular across Ivory Coast, Africa, the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean.

Eddy Kenzo and Monique Seka

Séka developed an interest for music from childhood. She represents the third generation of a musical dynasty of Ivory Coast.

Seka is the daughter of Seka Okoi an Ivorian singer famous in the 1970s.

Seka was apprenticed by her father before joining the RTI Orchestra. That was the time she started to experiment mixing zouk and rhythms to create Afro Zouk, a combination that surprises and seduces music lovers at the same time.

In the mid-1980s, Caribbean music invaded world markets. Seka blended into this trend and released her first album “Tantie Affoué” in 1985.

In 1989, she signed the production of her music to Cape Verdian keyboardist Manu Lima and released her album “Missounwa”.

This mixture of zouk and African rhythms travelled beyond the African borders, and asserted her recognition in the press and media.

Kenzo on the other hand is a relentlessly upbeat Ugandan dancehall artiste.

He overcame tragedy- the death of his mother when he was four years old, and subsequent homelessness throughout his childhood-by throwing himself into music and developing his talent.

After he was featured on “Yanimba,” a single by Mikie Wine released in 2008, Kenzo established a solo career with the 2010 single “Stamina” and built a fan base with the early albums  like ‘Ogenda Kunzisa’ (2012), ‘Kamunguluze’ (2013), and ‘Sitya Loss’ (2014), the last of which reached an audience outside his home continent. A fourth album, ‘Zero to Hero’ (2016), as well as the single “Addicted” (2017), followed shortly thereafter and since then he has never looked back.

He was recently appointed by the Uganda Tourism Board as Uganda’s Tourism Ambassador, a duty he is executing with passion.

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