Kenzo, Big Eye’s Ex-Lover Donzella Parades Her Backside

Kenzo, Big Eye’s Ex-Lover Donzella Parades Her Backside

By Our Reporter

Socialite Nalongo Sheila Donzella, who is singer Big Eye’s former lover, seems to understand showbiz in rather a different manner.

Donzella, who has a son with Big Eye and two daughters with a Mzungu pensioner, is not afraid of flaunting her booty, even if it means exposing her derriere.

Our Moles have landed on some of her very kinky pictures,  which are rather too unbecoming for a mother , let alone a Nalongo.

Nalongo Sheilla Donzella relaxing

In one of her kinky snaps which she shared on social media, Donzella, who is dressed on only a panties and a black top, is seen flashing her tail feather, as if taunting and tempting her fans and followers.

It should be recalled that a few months back Donzella, who had just recovered from a long bout of illnesses, came out and confessed that she was juggling both Big Eye and his former friend turned enemy Edirisa Musuuza aka Eddy Kenzo.

Sheila Donzella relaxing by the poolside

However, she shocked many Ugandans by declaring that of the two men, it is only Kenzo who had ever reached her ‘Deepest Point’ and that Big Eye only used to play on top of it!

She even alleged that Kenzo is the father of her son, not Big Eye, although Kenzo has never come out to either deny or admit her allegations.

Big Eye with Sheila Donzella before they split

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