Kenzo’s Ex Pia Pounds Resorts To Farming  As COVID ‘Kayasi’ Bites Musicians

Kenzo’s Ex Pia Pounds Resorts To Farming As COVID ‘Kayasi’ Bites Musicians

By Ivan Mwine

Whereas it is a fact that the COVID-19 pandemic hit a huge blow to the entertainment industry, musicians seem to have been hit the hardest.

As a result of the after-effects of the pandemic, many artistes who used to earn by performing at concerts and gigs at nightclubs have since been rendered idle and struggling financially.

However, a few sharp ones like singer Tracy Kirabo aka Pia Pounds have since resorted to farming in a bid to make ends meet.

Musician Pia Pounds weeding her maize garden

Our Moles intimate that Pia Pounds, who was some time back very tight with singer Edirisa Musuuza aka Eddy Kenzo, is these days spending time in the garden, such that she can grow some crops for self-sustenance.

She recently shared on social media pictures of her doing what appears to be an attempt at weeding her maize garden, which have since attracted a lot of attention from her fans and followers.

This is because none of her fans ever expected her to be a farmer, since she is a renowned city slay queen.    

Pia Pounds with Eddy Kenzo before they separated

Pia Pounds, who is known for songs like ‘Wakikuba’, ‘Taala’, ‘Delicious’ and others has had a struggling music career, which lost steam ever since she parted ways with Kenzo after she quit his Big Talent music group.

During her heydays with Kenzo, the two did a collabo titled ‘Gear Lever’ which was a hit but since then Pia Pounds has never outed another big song, which means the business has been extremely slow on her side.

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