Lawyer Makubuya,  Juuko’s Wedding Hangs In Balance As Stanbic Bank Boss, Ex-hubby Lutamaguzi Fight Over Children

Lawyer Makubuya, Juuko’s Wedding Hangs In Balance As Stanbic Bank Boss, Ex-hubby Lutamaguzi Fight Over Children

By Ivan Mwine

We recently revealed on these pages how Stanbic Bank Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Anne Juuko had gotten engaged to Kabaka Ronald Mutebi’s former lawyer Apollo Makubuya.

We also revealed that a woman identified as Cerine Kaitesi Mparo had come out to allege on social media that Anne had allegedly snatched Makubuya from her and that she was ready to do everything in her might to foil their upcoming wedding.

Well, before that matter is sorted, another issue has arisen that is likely to become a stumbling block in Makubuya and Juuko’s path to holy matrimony.

Apollo Makubuya and new catch Anne Juuko

The latest from our Moles is that Juuko’s ex-hubby Joel Lutamaguzi, who was also an employee at Stanbic Bank, is demanding custody of their two children.

Moles reveal that Juuko and Lutamaguzi hooked up some years back when they were both working at Stanbic  and together they kicked off a passionate relationship that resulted into two tots.

However, along the way, it is said the couple developed irreconcilable love woes especially after Lutamaguzi started suspecting Juuko allegedly juggling him with  another dude  identified as Arnold Byaruhanga.

It is said that Lutamaguzi’s suspicion of something going on between Juuko and Byaruhanga reached unbearable levels after he reportedly started confronting her and when he couldn’t stomach it anymore, he decided to estrange himself from the home they were sharing.

Joel Lutamaguzi who is battling with Anne Juuko over their kids

Moles intimate that Lutamaguzi’s estrangement gave Juuko an opportunity to enjoy unhindered freelance merrymaking, until years later when she hooked up with Makubuya.

Now that the two are set wed very soon, Moles reveal that Lutamaguzi  has since vowed not to let the wedding happen unless Juuko gives him custody of their children, because  he is not willing to let them be raised by another man.

He has thus vowed to do whatever it takes, even if it means  taking the legal course, to ensure that he wins custody of the children.

However, Juuko, who is way much loaded and commands a  lot of influence around town, doesn’t seem to be ready too hand over the children to Lutamaguzi something that has since sparked off a vicious child custody row between them ahead of her wedding with new catch Makubuya.

It should be noted that  Juuko, who has been the Stanbic Bank Chief Executive since March 2020, came into replace the void that Makubuya’s ex-wife late Stella Nansikombi Makubuya, who passed away in 2018, had created in his life.

Watch this space for updates about this deadly saga!

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