Lawyer Ssemakadde Battles For Life After Getting Infected With COVID-19

Lawyer Ssemakadde Battles For Life After Getting Infected With COVID-19

By Ivan Mwine


Controversial city lawyer Isaac Ssemakadde, who goes by the popular moniker  ‘Rebel Lawyer’, needs prayers such that the worse doesn’t become the worst.

This comes after our Moles learnt that Ssemakadde is currently bedridden at a top city health facility after he tested positive for the deadly COIVD-19.

Ssemakadde confirmed  this sad development when he tweeted Sunday thus;

“REBELS: Yesterday I tested positive for COVID-19, and because I was in close contact with some of you, I wanted you to know. Although I am not prepared to answer any questions right now, I will take your feedback gracefully, and will change my future behaviour. #CovidIsNotOver.”

Counsel Isaac Ssemakade’s tweet about his being infected with COVID-19

Ssemakadde didn’t however divulge details about  his health  condition although close pals reveal  that his health condition is stable and he is steadily responding to medication.

The  only Ugandan lawyer with dreadlocks, Ssemakadde is a brilliant human rights defender who says specific occurrences have shaped his thinking ever since his school days.

He used to question culture and traditions, reason why he describes himself as a lawyer who thinks in Ant-Clockwise direction.

He is famed for founding Legal Brains Trust, sometimes referred to as The Shrine, Ark and The Last Chance Saloon, which is a universal firm that handles any type of case regardless of its nature and aims at especially helping all people without discrimination.

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