Life’s A Beach For Sexy NTV Host Tinah Teise As Chops Dime In Maldives

Life’s A Beach For Sexy NTV Host Tinah Teise As Chops Dime In Maldives

By Ivan Mwine

Whereas some Ugandans are crying about increased commodity prices, there are those who are chopping dime without fear or favour to anyone.

One of those few Ugandans who are enjoying merrymaking during these difficult economic times is NTV host Christine Kyomujuni aka Tinah Teise.

As you read this, Tinah Teise is in the Maldives literally ‘killing stress’ by partying up a storm.

Sexy Tinah Teise enjoys a floating buffet in Maldives

Moles reveal that  Tinah Teise travelled to the Maldives early this week after spending a luxury trip in Kalangala islands where she enjoyed herself to the fullest at the Brovad Sands Lodge.

Moles intimate that ever since Tinah Teise scooped a brand ambassadorial deal with Uganda Waragi Coconut her life has changed for the best because the company bankrolls most of her merrymaking stints.

Life’s a Beach for Tinah Teise

We are told a few days ago she landed another endorsement deal with Imperial Leather bathing soap, which will see her smile all the way to the bank at the end of every month. 

Tinah Teise, who hosts the LogIn show on NTV,  is a talented new age TV presenter with what we can call a ‘full package’.

Besides her voice and playful speech, Tinah Teise has that sexy curvaceous body that  leaves men salivating whenever they ogle her.

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