Lingerie Model Agaba Raises Temperatures In Men’s Pants

Lingerie Model Agaba Raises Temperatures In Men’s Pants

By Ivan Mwine

Bubbly Ugandan lingerie model Vivian Agaba is well endowed bootywise and she is not afraid to show it to the world.

Agaba, whom God endowed with a very dazzling and bootylicious body, seems to be hell-bent on causing scrotal eruptions across the globe.
Bubbly model Vivian Agaba

This is because she has embarked on some rather strange mission of raising temperatures in men’s pants whenever she gets a chance to do so.

Agaba doing what she does best

Moles reveal that Agaba sparked of severe nationwide scrotal eruptions over the weekend after she posted some of her very tantalizing snaps on social media.

Lingerie model Agaba flaunts her curves

In the said snaps that have since attracted lots of admiration from her followers on social media, Agaba is seen flaunting her booty with reckless abandon, flossing around like biblical temptress.

Model Vanessa Agaba is also a businesswoman

It should however be noted that Agaba is not only very daring belle when it comes to exhibiting her booty but she is also a budding businesswoman who is the brain behind Savage Jewels Uganda, a popular   jewelry shop in Kampala.

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