List Of Women Who Are Privately Mourning Ssebagala In A Special Way

List Of Women Who Are Privately Mourning Ssebagala In A Special Way

By Team Exposed Uganda

Former Kampala capital city  Mayor Nasser Ntege Ssebagala, who passed away last week aged 72 years old, will forever remain in the hearts of several people in Uganda and abroad, because of the many good things he did for them.

However, there are some female celebrities who will forever have a place in their hearts for him, because of personal engagements they had with him, especially  during his heydays as Kampala mayor. Although the list is long, here a few renowned celebs who are privately mourning Hajji Ssebagala in a special way;

Desire Luzinda

If there is a man who boosted Desire Luzinda’s music career and helped her rub shoulders with elites and powerful people in Uganda then it was her then dearest pal Seya.  Desire and Seya were so entangled with each other that at one time he was the special guest at her Black and White Affair concert  and he often graced many of her music shows.

Desire and Seya indulged in so many rendezvous during their prime days to the extent that many Kampalans started spreading rumours of how they had coupled up.

Seya grooving with Desire Luzinda some time back

However, whenever he was asked about Desire, Seya would always say that “Desire is my very good friend. That’s all…” Indeed Seya’s demise shall remain a great loss to Desire, despite the fact that other men like Juma Seiko, Martin Kaddu and Ken Ntaro also injected money in her for some time.


Hilder Tumwine

This one is a daughter of a powerful politician in Mbarara District,  who was Desire’s friend a few years back. However, it is said that they parted ways after Hilder went behind Desire’s back and ended up getting entangled with Seya, despite knowing about them together. The beef that erupted between Desire and Hilder couldn’t give Seya the peace of mind he required at the time so he is said to have distanced himself from her a few months after their entanglement.


Sylvia Owori

Owori, who formerly had copyrights for the Miss Uganda franchise,  was one of Seya’s favourite Gals in Kampala during the time he was Mayor.  It is said that he helped Owori, then  a  struggling businesswoman,  to secure space and start up a businesses in Kampala, at a time when business in the city was mainly dominated by men.

At the time Owori was married to her German ex-husband Purr Munk. However, it so happened that after Munk looking after a pregnant Owori for nine months and catering for all the medical bills, she gave birth to a very dark-skinned child, yet the father had expected at least a half-caste.

Sylvia Owori with the child said to belong to Ssebagala

To make matters worse, the older the boy grew the more he resembled Seya and before long Munk started asking Owori questions, wondering how his purported son would resemble a former Kampala Mayor. The boy, who had been named Nielson Munk was later renamed Adam Sebaggala.

That was way after Sylvie had parted ways with Munk and was involved in a custody battle with Seya over child upkeep and custody. By the time Seya passed away it was not yet clear whether Owori had allowed him to take custody of his son.


Brenda Nambi

Formerly singing with the defunct HB Toxic Gals  with Hellen Lukoma, Nambi is said to have been on Seya’s speed dial  whenever he wanted a musician to perform at his private parties or residence. However, just like many of her predecessors, Nambi also didn’t last long around Seya’s realm.

Brenda Nambi formerly of HB Toxic Gals

It should be noted that Ssebagala’s survived by 18 children from different women, although his official wife Gera Mosha, who was based in Muyenga, Kampala, passed away in 2017.

Ssebagala and Gera Mosha got engaged in 1979, after Ssebagala’s first wife died.  She raised his children from the first marriage together with hers as one family.

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