List: Old Men Who Like  Them Young

List: Old Men Who Like  Them Young

By Exposed Uganda

Truth be said, everyone loves partying, no matter the age. There are people who party from January to December, Monday to Sunday, then there are those who party once in a while but party real hard.


There is no law that prevents old men from partying with young girls, especially if those girls are of consenting age, i.e above 18 years old.

Sometime the partying can graduate into a relationship and or a wedding, while in some cases the partiers stop at just enjoying the merrymaking and part ways thereafter.

Because of that, we have seen several men enjoying life with babes who are way younger than them, and in some cases even wedded them.
These are  kind that you may call Blessers or Sugar Papas, because whatever you wish; they don’t care. They just love and enjoy them young. Here are some of them;

Hajji Moses  Kigongo

He is a very wealthy businessman in Kampala and the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Vice Chairperson. Kigongo was sometime back very close to NTV news anchor Faridah Nakazibwe, with whom he used to grace city night clubs. It was not long before  he developed problems with his ex-wife Olive Zaitun Kigongo over Nakazibwe. But his rendezvous with Nakazibwe didn’t last long after she was snatched by  Omar Ssali, a Nkuba Kyeyo based in the United Arab Emirates.

Tycoon Moses Kigongo with new Haki Sharifa Kigongo

When Nakazibwe and Kigongo parted ways, he never looked for a replacement amongst his age-mates. He  instead hooked up with a very juicy babe with voluptuous booty identified as  Sharifah Kigongo, who has since become the source of his solace and fountain of joy.

  Prof. Gilbert Bukenya

The former Vice President turned businessman is almost in his 70s, but has over the years been linked to several babes who include; Desire Luzinda, Princess Sheila Nvanungi, Sharon O, Spice Diana, Brenda Nambi and others, who are way younger than him. Gilbert, as he is known to pals, has a penchant for partying with young girls especially celebs, to the extent that his wild partying antics caused a bitter split between him and his now ex-wife Dr. Margaret Bukenya.

Prof. Gilbert Bukenya with Spice Diana having a light moment

Ben Misagga

This former Sports Club Villa boss who is in his early 50s has partied with numerous babes who are considered way younger than him. At first there was singer Desire Luzinda, who was later replaced after he got super substitutes like Iryn Ntale, Winnie Nwagi , Leila Kayondo and others. The dude has a great taste in lady friends, we must say.

Ben Misagga and singer Winnie Nwagi were once close friends

 Juma Seiko

In his late early 60’s this retired soldier who decided to join music promotion has over the years been surrounded by young blood. The likes of Naira Ali, Desire Luzinda, Phina Masanyalaze and several other female celebrities have entertained merrymaking moments with the army man.

Juma Seiko was once singer Naira Ali’s close pal

 Salongo Kasawuli aka Samona

This renowned businessman, who is in his late 50s, also has a raging desire to party with young babes. Actually, some often enjoy life at his hotel in Kampala.  However, he  some time back he fell out with some of his younger babes who prefer to party with their age mates whenever he is not around. One of them is Lillian Nafuna, a hippy babe whom he dragged to police some time back after she attempted to burn his hotel suite, accusing him of allegedly partying with other babes and failing to spare time for her.

Capt. John Kassami

The Entebbe based businessman has had many joyous moments with babes who are way younger than him. In his late 60s, the man has partied with babes like Maureen Kabasiita, Fifi Da Queen, Iryn Namubiru, Spice Diana, Desire Luzinda and others. Our Moles intimate that he usually takes them on boat cruises with his pals for private merrymaking.

Dr. Kato Ssebbaale

Dr Ssebbaale is enjoying life ever since he met a nice, young babe only identified as Adholla, who resides in Dubai.  Whenever she is in Kampala,  Adholla and the medic ensure that they enjoy quality time.

Jack Pemba

Very few people know how old Pemba is but he was not born yesterday. Yet every time he dates, it’s some young belle . Some of them include Honey Suleiman, a one Sumaya another one only identified as Sheila, among others and recently he was said to be enjoying private rendezvous with singer Leila Kayondo.

Jack Pemba splashing money on a young girl at a night club in Kampala

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