Lonely Kapa Cat Massages Her Monster Sumbie

Lonely Kapa Cat Massages Her Monster Sumbie

By Mable Nakibuuka

Randy Ugandan dancehall musician Catherine Tumusiime aka Kappa Cat seems to be so lonely that has started seemingly started showing much love to herself these days.

Our Moles intimate that Kappa Cat, who a few months ago confessed on national radio about having feelings for fellow babes, was snapped seated   beside a swimming pool, digging a hand into her swimming costume, seemingly massaging her voluptuous Sumbie!

Kapa Cat enjoying a swim

Although she is very daring and many people refer to her as a sexual deviant because of her very kinky music and wild lifestyle, Kappa Cat is a multi-talented female musician who reigns in the dancehall music genre.

She is known for popular dancehall hits like ‘Understanding’, ‘Sifayo’, ‘Kapa Ojimanyi’ ‘Sikyo’, among others.

Well,  it seems despite being musically talented, the kind of loneliness she is reeling in is likely to make her do strange things to herself, so any single souls out there should rush to her rescue ASAP.



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