Lonely Singer Namubiru  Discovers New Passion In Guns!

Lonely Singer Namubiru  Discovers New Passion In Guns!

 By Mable Nabikuuba

Celebrated diva Iryn Namubiru, who has been very lonely ever since she separated with her French daddy Frank Morrel, seems to have finally found her new passion.

This time round it is not romance or any other kind of emotional passion, but rather metallic indulgence, after our Moles revealed that her new found love is guns!

We have since established that Namubiru, who recently released a single titled ‘Mpulira’, which has since gone viral on the airwaves, spends most of her free time these days at various shooting ranges in the country, where she keeps learning how to shoot various firearms.

Iryn Namubiru firing an AK-47 rifle

Recently, our Moles landed on some of Namubiru’s pictures which were taken at one of the shooting ranges in Uganda, where she was firing an AK-47 sub-machine gun.

Sexy Iryn Namubiru

However, the singer left many of her fans wondering why she has all of a sudden developed a rather passionate interest in guns and several of them have been left praying that she is not about to shoot someone.


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