LOP In Parliament, Mathias Mpuuga Has Said That Presidential Terms Limits Should Be Reinstated

LOP In Parliament, Mathias Mpuuga Has Said That Presidential Terms Limits Should Be Reinstated

By Simon Abaho

Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Mathias Mpuuga has said that presidential terms limits should be reinstated, army representation in parliament removed among other Constitutional amendments.

Mpuuga said that as the alternative government, they intend to reintroduce the Constitutional Amendment Bill 2019 that was earlier moved by MP Wilfred Niwagaba in the 10th Parliament.

Mpuuga made these remarks while launching the Opposition Legislation Agenda 2021 – 2026 on Friday.

The NUP Mps at The Launch Of The Opposition Agenda at parliament

“We intend to reintroduce the Constitution (Amendment) Bill’ 2019 which seeks to reinstate the presidential term limits, remove army representation from parliament, restrict the number of Ministers to 21, among other things,” Mpuuga said.

The Bill also seeks to have the name of the Uganda Police Force changed to Uganda Police Service and also seeks to repeal offices of the Prime Minister and Resident District Commissioners.

Mpuuga in his address said that since 2014, the country has been promised a Constitutional Review Commission, but has not been fulfilled.

Leader Of opposition in Parliament Mathias with other MPS

“Instead we have had small considered Constitutional Amendments, the consequence of this is that the citizens look at the Constitution as a document of the politicians,” Mpuuga noted.

The Leader of Opposition in Parliament and MP for Nyendo – Mukungwe said that the Constitution is a people’s consensus document and it must speak the language, the dreams and the frustrations of the people it represents.

“I am inviting members of the opposition to consider as key in what we think, dream and reflect about, are the are possible constitutional and electoral reforms that we must prioritize,” Mpuuga added.

Among the many changes that Mpuuga seeks to have prioritized, include the role of security forces in general elections.

He said: “We all know what has always transpired in our elections, are we really comfortable with what we saw in the just concluded elections? We need to discuss the role of security forces in the elections.”

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