Lord Mayor Lukwago Undergoes Detoxification After Medics Suspect He Was Poisoned

Lord Mayor Lukwago Undergoes Detoxification After Medics Suspect He Was Poisoned

By Mable Nakibuuka


Kampala Lord Mayor Hajji Elias Lukwago has been  subjected to a detoxification process after medical experts at  Aga Khan Hospital, in Nairobi, Kenya  suspected that he could have been poisoned.

Lukwago was rushed  to Nairobi last week after he developed acute respiratory and abdominal complications.


However, after subjecting him to several medical examinations, doctors failed to diagnose Lukwago with any known deadly affliction, which prompted them to subject him to  detoxification.

Medics attending to Lord Mayor Elias Lukwago

The decision was reached after medics developed suspicion that Lukwago might have unknowingly and unsuspectedly come into contact with a very toxin, which had started eroding his internal organs like the lungs, liver, kidney and others.

According to sources close to the Lord Mayor, it is suspected  that some unidentified assassin could have administered a nerve poison called Nervchok,  which can spend several weeks and up to a month in the victim’s body before they eventually die.

Experts in toxicology revealed to this website that some of the reactions of this strong poison on the victim’s body part from eroding internal organs include numbing of the nerves, skin decay, breathing complications, slurred and  troubled speech, stroke, heart failure, among others.

However, for Lukwago’s case, sources reveal what helped him was that signs of poisoning were detected very fast and doctors promptly subjected him to detoxification, which helped to save his life.

Actually, the Lord Mayor is currently recuperating and has since sent a condolence message to the family of fallen Muslim cleric Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata Batte, who died on Friday evening after spending  two weeks at International Hospital Kampala (IHK), where he was admitted with respiratory  and abdominal complications.


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