Love Gone Bad: Celebrity Breakups That Shocked Fans

Love Gone Bad: Celebrity Breakups That Shocked Fans


By Nellie Nakitende

The past two years have been a roller coaster especially for many celebrities. Some found love while others fell out of due to reasons best known to them. While others moved on, some wallowed in self pity. Let’s start off with our celebrity couples whose breakups shocked fans.

Rema Namakula and Eddy Kenzo

These two love birds rocked our world with their love story. They made us believe that artistes do make good husbands and wives away from their busy schedules. They begot a daughter and showered her with love, gifts and all things  that money could buy.

Eddy Kenzo and Rema Namakula before they separated

They graced shows together and painted social media with pictures expressing their love. Four years down the road, Uganda was in for the biggest shock after Rema released pictures of Dr. Hamza Ssebunya, who was on a pre-visit to Rema’s family ahead of their marriage. A few days later she announced her break up with Kenzo who was then out of the country.

It was not long before Rema and Ssebunya officially got united as man and wife, leaving Kenzo wallowing in loneliness.


Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz

This couple made rounds on social media for quite a while. From promises of a wedding that would break all boundaries to featuring in his songs, Tanasha had the best time of her life with Diamond.

Well, things didn’t go well for this couple as Diamond’s well known habits soon set in. The couple produced a child who is believed to have been born with a spoon in his mouth.

Diamond and Tanasha Donna before they split

But their breakup shocked fans who were anxiously waiting for this big wedding. Donna fled Diamond’s home in Tanzania and boarded back to Kenya with her son. Nothing has been heard from the couple since then.


Angela Katatumba and Daddy Andre

The way they hooked up is still a mystery. For a wealthy heiress like Katatumba  left all her fans wondering how she managed to hook up with Daddy Andre.

Angela Katatumba was dumped by Daddy Andre before he hooked up with  Nina Roz 

A few days into the relationship, allegations of sexual molestation were awash on social media after an upcoming female musician claimed Daddy Andre had been using his recording studio to allegedly molest female musicians. A report on how the story ended was never issued.

Katatumba thereafter dumped Andre after he reportedly refused to go for an HIV/AIDS test. She was sure her relationship was going to another level but Andre instead hooked up fellow singer Nina Roz, whom he has since married.


DJ Zinhle and AKA

The famous couple is based in South Africa and they are good friends to Ugandan Socialite Zari Hassan. They have a five-year-old daughter but they refused to come out and say something about their relationship after it went sour.

For three years, the couple covered up their split from the world but that wouldn’t be for long because things finally started showing that the two were no longer living together. Fans, friends and close relatives were shocked and heart broken.


Sheillah Gashumba and Marcus Lwanga aka God’s Plan

What we can say about these two is that money truly attracts money. The two were nicknamed the ‘Power Couple’ of the year because of their endless Public Display of Affection (PDA). From expensive gifts,  to parties, getaways, food, clothes and cozy apartments, they enjoyed it all.

Sheilah Gashumba and God’s Plan during their heydays

The two were never out of the limelight, achieving the unimaginable together to the extent of causing unrest among Kampala’s slay queens and moneybags, although that is no more ever since their breakup.

Their split was so silent that by the time fans learnt about it Sheillah had packed out of Lwanga’s apartment and returned back to her motar-mouthed father Frank Gashumba’s home.


Geosteady and Prima Kardash

This couple was never in the limelight but the fact that their break up was characterised with domestic violence, we sure had to bring it up. The couple has two beautiful daughters and run a few business  ventures.

But they developed love wrangles that saw them separate beds after Prima accused Geosteady of cheating on her with a video vixen called Nari Nari.

Geosteady and Prima Kardash before they split

Following their squabbles, Geosteady got up one morning and destroyed all the assets in Prima’s new apartment since she had packed out of their family home. Videos of Geosteady destroying things in the house after their breakup shocked thousands of his fans.

However, Geosteady shocked the entire nation when he took to social media and  claimed that he was a victim of domestic violence.


Master KG and Makhadzi

In August this year Master KG came out and tweeted that he was parting ways with this long time lover and songstress Makhadzi.

The two parted ways to focus on their budding careers and also achieve big things since they couldn’t do it together. They are both happy that they can still work together and give their fans good music although many of their fans were shocked by their split.


Zahara Toto and Don Solomon

After a few months of boasting around town about how she had hooked a ‘tycoon,’ Zahara, a fast-rising TV presenter and mother of four, parted ways with her then loaded Nigerian boyfriend Don Solomon aka Don Solo.

The two had a bitter fight on snapchat as Zahara accused Solomon of ferrying numerous women into her house  for sex marathons whenever she was at work.

However, Don Solo also alleged that he couldn’t look after a family he never sired since he had to start being a father figure to Zahara’s children.

Zahara Totto with Don Solo (R) and one of her baby daddies (L)

Their split came about after Don Solo gifted Zahara with a new ride which had an alleged personalised number plate although it turned out to be a hoax after the car was repossessed by its genuine owner.

Zahara also accused Don of spending her money yet he didn’t have a known source of income and it wasn’t long before they engaged in a physical fist fight in the presence of their friends before they parted ways.

Zahara has been spotted jumping from one loaded man to another.

Judith Babirye and John Ssebulime

The two are Members of Parliament in  neighbouring constituencies in Buikwe District. They got married at a private function last year but a few months after their wedding, Babirye fled Ssebulime’s marital home, saying she couldn’t stomach his ways any more.

Judith Babirye and ex hubby John Ssebulime

It wasn’t long before news spread that she had gotten pregnant and later gave birth while in the USA where she relocated after leaving Ssebulime, although the father of her kid remains a mystery to date.

Ssebulime later filed for divorce and one of the  reasons he gave in court why he wanted their marriage annulled was because Babirye had subjected him to endless sexual starvation and domestic violence.

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