Love Sick Daddy Andre Drops New  Jam ‘Kampala’ For Ex-Lover Nina Roz

Love Sick Daddy Andre Drops New Jam ‘Kampala’ For Ex-Lover Nina Roz

By Ivan Mwine

Celebrated Ugandan musician Daddy Andre might have parted ways with talented diva Nina Roz but it seems the two are far from getting over each other.

Well, the latest we have from our Moles is that it seems Daddy Andre still wants a piece of Nina Roz and he expresses his feelings in his latest love ballad ‘Kampala.’

In the said song, Daddy Andre sings about a woman (Kampala), who he loves so much but she left him, and he is yearning for her to come back him.

Nina Roz and Daddy Andre during their heydays

The lyrics and message in the song have left many of Daddy Andre’s fans speculating that his undying love to Nina Roz is likely to have inspired him to sing ‘Kampala’, in a bid to reach out to her through the song.

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It should be noted that Daddy Andre and Nina Roz were some time back deeply in love and the two got officially engaged in 2020, although they soon thereafter developed problems that saw them separate in 2021.

However, although they publicly separated, Moles intimate that Daddy Andre and Nina Roz are still in close contact with each other and they do so privately.

Actually, the two were a few days back in the news fighting for a Mark X car that Nina Roz reportedly bought but somehow it ended up in Daddy Andre’s possession and to date he still drives it around town.

Daddy Andre and Nina Roz’s private rendezvous have since  left many of their fans wondering whether they really separated or they  just hoodwinking the public but enjoying ‘dark-side’ romps.

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