Lutalo Snatches Princess Amiirah From Top M7 Minister

Lutalo Snatches Princess Amiirah From Top M7 Minister

By Ivan Mwine

All is not well with one of the Ministers on President Yoweri Museveni’s cabinet after musician David Lutalo reportedly snatched his side dish, who happens to be sensational diva Ruth Kiwumulo aka Princess Amiirah.

Word from our Moles is that Lutalo and Princess Amiirah have been chewing themselves behind the scenes for a long time until a few days ago  when she dropped a tot that is said to be his.
Princess Amiirah when she was still pregnant

Actually, the Moles reveal that Lutalo is paying too much attention to Princess Amiirah whereby he is ensuring that he caters for all her needs as a Nakawere (lactating mother).

The Moles also intimate that Lutalo has since bought a crib for Princess Amiirah in Bunamwaya, a city suburb, where they nowadays live together as man and wife.

Princess Amiira’s large banana plantation

However, it is said that before he hooked up Princess Amiirag, she was dishing out her Sumbie to a top Minister whose identity we cannot reveal due for legal purposes.

The Moles reveal that during the time she was being chewed by the Minister, the dude had pumped a lot of cash in Princess Amiirah, including supporting her to buy land in Mityana on which she erected a house and set up a banana farming project.

The Minister is also said to have gifted her with a ride during the COVID-19 lockdown, although she has since abandoned him, claiming she bought it using her own dime after she decided give her Whole to Lutalo.

Meanwhile, it should be noted that prior to hooking up with Princess Amiirah, Lutalo was banging his baby mama Shakira Walukagga until they developed love woes that ended up in a biter separation.

Princess Amiirah on the other hand is also said to have been seeing a long list of dudes, among them radio personality DJ Jacob Omutuuuze, although their relationship didn’t last long after he reportedly accused her of juggling him with other guys.

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